The Green Star - originally intended as a refuge from Thread, now a refuge from war, as all of Pern battles for the last scraps of ore that can be dragged from the earth. Can the riders of Discovery Weyr build anew? Or does this new world harbor its own dangers?

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 Flying with Style, Tag ; D'kairen
 Posted: Sep 4 2015, 12:04 AM

OOC Name: Rainie

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It was very rarely that she had down time thanks to all the lessons and work besides. Today she decided to spend her freetime at the lake, having missed the smell of salt. It was...weird being on land for so long when she had spent a good portion of her life on the sea. Yet...the wonders of this new planet were certainly nothing to pass up. Such dense foliage and new creatures no one had ever seen only begged the question to ask what else was out there?

Mentioning of new creatures, Tetra was currently half focusing on the brown flit that was her own. The flit was currently surrounded around semi-aquatic critters known as Rivercats. The way those critters reminded her greatly of Shipfishes. So gregarious and curious. Bold as well. Only several so far had been kept as pets but the young woman was already growing fond enough of these strange creatures that she was entertaining the idea of trying to tame one.

" Yuuukaaarr..." the candidate crooned out to her wild child of a Fire lizard, a smile playing at her lips. The brown hissed at his furred covered opponents, refusing to give up any ground. She giggled softly before turning out to look at the lake, several dragonriders flying over head.

Thoughts of a potential future on sailing the skies drowned out her focus on reality as her daydreams often did. The candidate was completely oblivious to what was going on around her though someone else certainly was paying attention. The brown flit gave a shrill whistle of alarm as a shadow came down over his person...who was now not where she was supposed to be. The brown puffed up and took straight to the air after the thief as it was slowly dawning on his master that her feet were no longer on the ground.

Tetra gave a blink as she felt air whipping across her face. Now why was that and what was the pin pricks she was feeling at her side. A glance down informed her that the ground was growing farther away..lookit that. Everyone down below looked like tiny insects!
 Posted: Sep 10 2015, 08:48 PM

OOC Name: Merry

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At the moment, he was kind of angry, he thought to himself as he ran along, trying to keep track of his dragon. At 9 months old, he should have been listening, but Wolieth was apparently a great, flaming pile of wherry droppings when it came to obeying. Not that he expected complete obedience, but flying off, without him, and knowing how single-minded and focused he could get... it worried him. It worried him a LOT. He had been injured twice already, for not paying attention on one of his quests, and now that he could fly? It was a daily, worried terror.

D'kairen saw Wolieth swoop down ahead, but then saw him head back up.... no. No that could NOT be what he thought it was.

*Wolieth, is that a person?!*

Apparently the startled question was enough to get a response.

*Of course it is. I had to see if I can do it in case I ever have to in an emergency.

*Put her down NOW. Gently. What if you dropped her?!*

*Then I would catch her. But this is good capture practice too!*

He sighed deeply, wanting to smack his head into a wall over and over again. Sometimes this dragon... sometimes he wondered.

*Yes Wolieth, but remember we had that talk about how to treat living things that can potentially die that are NOT enemies?* This had happened after the grey had swooped down and picked up someone's wherry (HOW had it happened to be a pet?) and then dropped it on a rock. And hadn't eaten it. Just to see what would happen. He didn't think the dragon was doing it to hurt anyone. He just didn't seem to connect that living things other than his rider shouldn't be messed with unless absolutely needed.

*I will put her down,* came the almost petulant reply, and he saw the dragon angle down towards a clearing. It wasn't far.

A quick five minute run brought him skidding into the clearing, where he saw that the pair were indeed on the ground, and that Wolieth was staring at the woman like he was wondering what about her had made his rider ruin his fun. He snorted and ignored the Grey, who clearly wanted sympathy, and addressed the woman instead.

"I am so sorry... Tetra right?" He smiled at her. One of the candidates, and he knew her by reputation but didn't really know much about her beyond her name. "I am so, incredibly sorry he did that." What else did you say to that? "And I am incredibly happy he didn't drop you." That... may not have been the right thing to say.
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