The Green Star - originally intended as a refuge from Thread, now a refuge from war, as all of Pern battles for the last scraps of ore that can be dragged from the earth. Can the riders of Discovery Weyr build anew? Or does this new world harbor its own dangers?

Elemental Clutch Touching - TBD
Elemental Clutch Hatching - TBD

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 Announcement #1
 Posted: Aug 2 2015, 09:39 PM

OOC Name: Rannoch

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Title: A Wild Admin Appears

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Grand Opening

First and foremost, welcome all new members! Puzzle and I are unbelievably excited to have you all here, and we look forward to all the glorious, terrible plot that is going to unfold at Discovery Weyr.

A few points of interest: if you haven’t seen already, we have a JUNIOR WEYRWOMAN CONTEST open that ends on August 14. There is also an AD CONTEST running all month, if that’s more your cup of tea. We also have a ton of positions AVAILABLE for members to take, and there is a CLUTCH on the sands, which poor Hilayleth is protecting ferociously.

The Touching will begin on August 14 (same day the junior gold contest ends!) and continue on until the 27th. The Hatching will then begin on August 28, and most likely run through the weekend. If these dates pose a conflict for you, don’t worry - your physical participation is not a requirement to Impress, and we won’t penalize otherwise active members for taking an inconveniently timed vacation.

Because this is our very first Hatching, there is no minimum post requirement for Candidates to Impress, although obviously more activity is better! The more we see a Candidate in play, the more likely we are to provide a suitable match. Also, get your CANDIDATE FORMS in, you crazy kids.

That’s all for now! Rann out.
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