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Posted by: Sandulf Aug 6 2015, 02:19 PM
The sun was mostly hidden behind the canopy of tress that covered a large portion of the Hunting Grounds. The air was hotter for it, humid, but not so unbearable that they could not be lived in. Dragons often came through here in some of the more open spots, but the skies were less traveled when the trees spread out widely, choking the air with their branches. In these particular places, people were far more likely to travel on foot, usually with a wher and its handler close by for added protection. In the small party, there was at least one wher, perhaps two, Sandulf hadn't sat about to count them or to see how useful they would actually be for protection. Some folks thought those lean and lithe racers were enough protection, but in the best of circumstances they could get away from the beasts out here. Fortunately, there really wasn't anything so terrible that the racers couldn't chase off, nothing like the skyhunters that had raided the Weyr not long ago.

So what was the purpose of this little excursion? Well, it was to give Sandulf a chance to use his bow and arrow, to visualize some prey, to be sure that he could actually manage to keep himself on his own two feet and do something useful besides patching up those people who managed to find themselves shredded up a bit by the brightbacks, or gorged by a dominant and aggressive strider who was not looking to be rassled up and tamed like the handful they had back at the Weyr.

It was also a good excuse to get...less traveled folk out and experiencing the wildlife. Better to run across the strange creatures with people who knew what was going on rather than to think a brightlizard might make a good pet without someone to call you a fool for it. Some people thought everything could be tamed, thought that because it was small it would be easy enought o just pick up. They weren't bright enough to realize that these animals were intelligent beings that had to learn to protect themselves to survive so far in the wild, and that they would treat humans with even the best of intentions as an obvious threat.

In the distance, the small herd of plainsbeasts could be heard grazing on the leaves. Sandulf had no interest in trying to take down such a massive creature with the group he had with him, it would be foolish and extremely dangerous. Someone would get trampled. And all for what? Tough meat not even worth eating? Best to let the dragonriders eventually bring in the beasts if there was a need for them. And if no need currently stood, then best to leave the creatures wild and unpinned where they could reproduce freely and fill a future need for their sort. Sandulf was not opposed to coming back later to obtain things that the Weyr needed.

A young boy caught his eye, holding his bow all wrong, "You're going to snap yourself with the string," he hissed at the lad, making his way to show him the correct way to grip a bow, the proper way to pull the arrow back, without bending the elbow improperly. "Better you learn quick, so you can fend for yourself if more skyhunters come after us." There was a part of him that hoped this was an empty threat that people of experience fed to the young and up and coming. But there was always the possibility that those who had founded the site of the Weyr had done a terrible job scouting and had built it on a migration location favored by the beasts, which would have explained the unwarranted attack that they had not experienced in the past. But what was he to do? He was no beastcrafter to try to understand the beasts, nor had he taken any part in setting up the Weyr. He was here dealing with what was offered for him to deal with.

Posted by: Jennal Aug 6 2015, 07:14 PM
Jennal had no desire to pick up a weapon, either for hunting or fighting, but he was still tagging along on this other expedition. He wanted to see what kind of herbs he might find out here in the wilderness, and he didn't fancy wandering in the bush alone. At least there were other people armed, in case something happened.

When the group paused, he crouched down in the underbrush, looking at the plants around him. He'd brought gardening gloves in case he found anything interesting he wanted to inspect more closely. No telling what could cause a rash around here.

He glanced up when Sandulf scolded the boy with the bow. Jennal was aware that he probably wouldn't have been doing much better than the kid, so at least he wasn't making a fool of himself. He smirked at Sandulf and stood up again, looking out into the field.

"Ah, dragonbalm." He pointed out at the bright blue flowers clustered near the leaves the beasts were eating. "Wonder if it affects them the same way it does dragons?"

Posted by: Sandulf Aug 7 2015, 07:54 AM
The boy corrected his posture, at least for the moment, and Sandulf allowed him to escape his gaze. He had other people in this batch, people who were doing useful things, probably things he ought to be doing rather than trying to keep the younger ones in line. Every now and then he glanced about, taking stock in the rest of the small party, checking to see what they were doing, if anyone was going to fall to their deaths somehow, or decide it would be fun to put a brightback in their mouth. Moronic as it was, he had seen these things done, and while there was a small part of him that thought...just let them learn the hard way....he was often the sourpuss putting a stop to all the 'fun' on these little trips that he attended. Of course, whenever he was not able to stop the 'fun', he was usually back at the Weyr, stitching up people who had already had their little party.

Another boy spoke up, one of the ones that had come unarmed. While Sandulf was of the mindset that everyone needed to learn to use the weapons for self preservation, he was respectful of those who did not carry openly. Sometimes it was because they were too imbecilic and thought that if they had a weapon they would have to kill something, and that just so obviously went against all their better nature. But the majority of the time, those around here that chose to not carry a weapon did so because they knew they were not ready to wield it. This knowledge of self made Sandulf rather pleased to be a part of this Weyr, when there were other people intelligent enough to know their own limitations.

The boy was pointing at the bright blue flower that those who had come long before him had dubbed 'dragonbalm'. Ah, plants really were his brother's favorite, but he knew the basics. Especially for medicinal reasons. Well, and some of his younger brothers teased the dragonbound ones with dragonbalm every now and then. But this was nothing to do with the question at hand.

The boy was making a questioning observation, pondering if the effects that dragonbalm held over dragonkin were also similar to how it affected the plainsbeasts. Well, he was no beastcrafter either, but he shook his head, "They seem as sharp as ever, no matter if they've been grazing on dragonbalm or just empty leaves," he said simply. "I haven't seen an affectionate plainsbeast yet, though once a few more generations are bred in captivity I'm sure it's possible," though he doubted they would be bred as pets for a very long time. Plainsbeasts did not produce milk the way bovines did, at least not that he had seen anyone discover as of yet. "I don't think any of the native fauna show an affect to dragonbalm," he said with a shrug. Though why a foreign plant would affect creatures from the next planet over, he hadn't the slightest idea. Surely there was something to that, but he would leave it for someone else to discover.

He looked the pondering boy over, and decided he rather liked him. He was observant of his surroundings to have taken notice of not only the bright blue flowers, but also the herd of plainsbeasts in the distance. He was smart enough to ask questions, and to not carry a weapon when he wasn't prepared to do so, and he didn't seem to mind posing questions in a conversational manner to others. There could be the makings of a useful soul in the boy yet, though he was probably in line for a dragon. It seemed much safer to have a dragon here on the Green Star, even with all its native dangers. Oh sure, you might get attacked by the creatures here, but at least it wasn't likely you would be attacked by your own kind.

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