The Green Star - originally intended as a refuge from Thread, now a refuge from war, as all of Pern battles for the last scraps of ore that can be dragged from the earth. Can the riders of Discovery Weyr build anew? Or does this new world harbor its own dangers?

Elemental Clutch Touching - TBD
Elemental Clutch Hatching - TBD

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 Skyfall, Au 4th Pass Pern
 Posted: Apr 16 2017, 02:00 AM

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Skyfall is a Semi-Canon DRoP roleplay set during the 4th interval.

Thread was suppose to fall some 9 turns back. The Weyrs and Holds prepared for the threat that the records said was to come. Unfortunately thread never fell, and now the Hold's trust and respect for the Weyr's is fading. Telgar is stirring up trouble by encouraging other Holds to turn their backs on their tradition deference toward the Weyrs.

One of Pern's smallest Weyr is causing a big stir. A clutch appeared on Ista Weyr's Hatching Grounds, but no one knows where from. What is even more trouble is the three new colors that hatched. Senior Weyrwoman Lilla has quarantined the clutch for the protection of Pern and these strange new dragons. Will that be enough?

We Offer:
~ A mature, but relaxed RP geared toward members looking for a fun but casual RP experience.
~ No apps, just create your accounts and have at it!
~ No sexually based impressions.
~ LGBTQIA+ friendly.
~ Member driven plots for both Weyr and Hold.
~ A grittier version of Pern where not everyone's motives are pure and life isn't all sunshine and rainbows.

Current Events
~ Looking for all sorts of characters in both Weyr and Hold.
~ The Mysterious Clutch has finally hatched and three new colors have arrived on Pern! Not everyone is pleased by this strange turn of events.
~ The new Weyrlings have been Quarantined and some aren't too happy about it.
~ Gold Shayranith's flight is scheduled for April 21st and the Hatching will be in June.
~ A Wher plot is also about to begin. They came to the rescue of the Weyr's candidate's during an attack. Does this means opinions about them are changing?

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