The Green Star - originally intended as a refuge from Thread, now a refuge from war, as all of Pern battles for the last scraps of ore that can be dragged from the earth. Can the riders of Discovery Weyr build anew? Or does this new world harbor its own dangers?

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 Leonaidys of Brown Leonask, Wherlingmaster
 Posted: Aug 7 2015, 01:37 AM

OOC Name: Nomi

Profile: PROFILE

Title: Wherlingmaster

Posts: 6

Marks: 2


Rule #9 - never go anywhere without a knife
56 | Male | Retired Soldier
Preferred name: Leon

    Height - 6'00"
    Build - Solid
    Hair - Grey (originally Brown)
    Eyes - Blue
    PB - Mark Harmon
General - A real silver fox, Leon is a man whose looks have only gotten better as he's gotten older. He has been fortunate enough to maintain his strength and keeps a fairly trim figure even now, though he is putting on a little extra flesh in the belly and cheeks as age begins to catch up with him.

Skintone - A slightly weatherbeaten look.

Scars - A lifetime as a guard and soldier has resulted in Leon posessing more than a few scars.

Hair - Leon wears his hair cut short on the sides and slightly longer on the top. Once a dark brown in colour, it's now a solid steely grey in tone.

Body-Dominance - Right

Clothing - Leon is a simple man with simple tastes in clothing. A lifetime as a soldier has left Leon with a preference for things which are easy to get in and out of, dont require much in the way of care and which can take a beating if needed.

Teacher - Though initially taking the Wherlingmaster position was simply a means to an end, a way of getting into the expedition to set up the Weyr, Leon has come to truly enjoy teaching the young handlers of Discovery.

Plain-spoken - Leon doesn't hold with dancing around a topic. He's a straight forward kind of guy, used to speaking his mind and giving his honest opinion. Leon's seen a lot of good people lost because of stupid acts on the part of others and he wont hesitate to let you know if he thinks your being an idiot.

Combat-oriented - When it comes to the 'fight or flight' instinct, Leon will nearly always choose 'fight'. He's spent most of his life on one battlefield of one kind or another and he's got a bit of a 'shoot first, ask questions if they survive' attitude towards a fight.

Family-Oriented - Family is a big part of Leon's life and his motivations. He might not have always been able to be there physically for his children, but he's always been a presence in their lives from the start, writing letters, sending gifts and visiting whenever he has leave. It was because of his family that he became a guardsman, and for his family that he became a solider when the War began.

Protective - Leon is a man with a strong protective tendency. Children in particular tend to set off this instinct.

Carver - It's too bad that Leonaidys never considered any craft except that of a guard, because he'd probably had a pretty good woodcrafter. He likes to whittle and carve during his down time, and he's actually pretty good at it.

Inadvisable Actions -There are certain actions which are not advisable to take around Leonaidys. The following is a short list of those which are most likely to end up with someone injured.
  • Wake him up - Leon doesn't react well to being woken up suddenly. He tends to come up swinging, so it's best in those situations where it is nessecary to waken him from his sleep, to do so at a distance.
  • Sneak up on him/startle him - It is never a good idea to sneak up on a solider, and especially not to do so with a man who has spent the better part of his life at war, and who was obviously rather good at it, given he's still largely in one piece. Leon particularly doesn't do well with surprises, at least not of the loud or startling kind.
Leonairn - Father, 79 (b. 2835), Guard/Handler of Blue Lesk (Combat) {deceased - Lesk rebonded}
Dysidia - Mother, 74 (b. 2840), Journeywoman Healer {deceased}

Dysiarn - Brother, 54 (b. 2860), Guard/Handler of Blue Dysiask (formerly Lesk), Fort Hold
Leosida - Sister, 52 (b. 2862), Journeywoman Healer/Handler of Bronze Leosk (Combat), Fort Hold Area <Combat Medic>

Renizmae - Partner, 66 (b. 2848), Guard/Handler of Gold Renizmask (Combat), Fort Hold
- Maelizyn - Daughter, 38 (b. 2876), Journeywoman Healer, Healer Hall
-- Orien - Son-in-law, 40 (b. 2874), Journeyman Harper (archivist), Healer Hall
--- Olizan - Grandson, 18 (b. 2896), Journeyman Healer/Handler of Brown Olizask, Fort Hold Area <combat medic>
--- Orelian - Granddaughter, 16 (b. 2898), Apprentice Harper
--- Maerien - Granddaughter, 14 (b. 2900), Apprentice Harper

Ferilia - Partner, 58 (b. 2856), rider of Green Tymmiath {deceased}
- F'leon (Ferileon) - Son, 35 (b. 2879), rider of Yellow Bonraith, Igen Weyr
- Leonal - Son, 27 (b. 2887), Handler of Silver Leaisk (Racing), Discovery Weyr

Nira - Partner, 55 (b. 2859), Handler of Green Nirask (combat)
- Neraidys - Daughter, 33 (b. 2881), Soldier/Handler of Blue Neraidysk (combat)
--- Nerigan - Grandson, 13 (b. 2901), Apprentice Healer, Healer Hall
-- Tolinar - Son-in-law, 32 (b. 2882)
--- Tolera - Granddaughter, 8 (b. 2906)
--- Nolinar - Grandson, 2 (b. 2912)

Age 0 - 2858
- Born in Fort hold to a guardsman and his Journeywoman Healer Wife. On his father's side is a long line of guardsmen and Wher handlers, with some of his ancestors even having been involved in the creation of the Combat Wher. On his mother's side is a line of crafters from many disciplines.

Age 4 - 2862
- Leonairn begins spending less and less time at home, his job as a guard becoming more and more demanding as caravans begin to come under attack.

Age 14 - 2872
- Begins Guard Training

Age 15 - 2873
- Finds an abandoned firelizard egg. Leon takes it home and cares for it until it hatches, impressing the brown baby when it breaks shell. Names him Boss.

Age 16 - 2874
- Having expressed an interest in becoming a handler like his father, Leon is given a chance to watch from the sidelines as a Wher Queen distributes her eggs to those lucky enough to have passed her handler's requirements. No-one is more surprised than Leon when she insists that he take one of the eggs.
- Bonds to brown Leonask

Age 18 - 2876
- Leonask catches Gold Renizmask. Leon and Renizmae share a night of no-strings-attached passion.
- Renizmae, who is some ten turns Leon's senior, falls pregnant. Neither she nor Leon have the time or quiet lifestyle to raise a child, both being active duty guards. When Maelizyn is born, she is sent to Leon's mother to raise, though both parents make an effort to be with her when they can. Fortunately Dysidia has been suffering from a bit of 'empty nest syndrome', with all her children now grown enough to have taken up some kind of training, and she is happy to take on her granddaughter to care for.

Age 19 - 2877
- Leon meets Ferilia of Green Tymmiath. They begin a quiet relationship. Things between the Weyr and hold are strained, but the two have more than enough physical attraction to make up for differing political views, at least for the short term. Their relationship is a largely physical thing and by mutual agreement they are not monogamous, though Ferilia rarely takes other men to bed, having a general sexual preference for other women.

Age 20 - 2878
- Leonairn dies after a period of illness. Lesk does not Between, but does refuse all attempts to rebond. Finally, as it was starting to be thought that he must be put down for the safety of all, Dysiarn returns home on leave. Lesk immediately goes to him, nipping the young man to get blood for a new bond. Lesk renames himself Dysiask.

Age 21 - 2879
- Ferilia falls pregnant. She births a son, Ferileon.

Age 23 - 2881
- Leonask catches Green Nirask. Nira welcomes Leon into her bed during the run.
- Nira and Nirask are boith pregnant from the run. Nirask produces a small but healthy clutch, and Nira gives birth to a daughter, Neraidys. The baby girl is sent to Lon's mother to raise, for much the same reason as his first daughter, in that both her parents are active duty guards and Dysidia is happy to take on her care.

Age 28 - 2886
- The Resource War begins in earnest. Ferilia and Leonaidys part ways lat in the turn as their differing ideologies begin to clash. Leon does however stay in touch with his sons, exchanging letters with the rapidly growing Ferileon.

Age 29 - 2887
- Ferilia gives birth to a son, Leonal, in the early part of the turn, having fallen pregnant during their last few times together prior to parting ways.

Age 37 - 2895
- Ferileon impresses to a yellow, Bonraith. He takes F'leon as his new name.

Age 38 - 2896
- Grandson Olizan is born, Maelizyn's first child.

Age 40 - 2898
- F'leon and Bonraith manage to arrange a transfer to Igen Weyr, where they can participate in the group projects with the hold rather than fighting them. Bon's timid nature is unsuited to combat work, and Leon is glad to see them go, as it means he no longer has to fear some day seeing them on the other side of a battlefield.

Age 41 - 2899
- Neraidys impresses Blue Neraidysk.

Age 43 - 2901
- Grandson Neraigan is born, Neraidys' first child

Age 50 - 2908
- Hears from F'leon than Leonal has impressed to a Silver Wher.

Age 52 - 2910
- Leon hears tell of a pair of riders recruiting people to form a new weyr.
- Following the trail of stories and rumors, Leon gets into contact with Aulen and Imbri.

Age 53 - 2911
- Finding a little she-kitten among his things as he packs to make the trip to Discovery Weyr, Leon decides to keep her and names her Miss, because she's a girl. Leonask decides that Leon isn't allowed to name things anymore.

Age 55 - 2913
- Hears that Olizan has walked the tables and then promptly impressed to a combat brown laid by his grandmother's queen. According to the letters from Maelizyn, Olizan intends to become a combat medic as soon as Olizask is old enough.

Age 56 - 2914
- Current turn

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 Posted: Aug 7 2015, 01:39 AM

OOC Name: Nomi

Profile: PROFILE

Title: Wherlingmaster

Posts: 6

Marks: 2


The cuddliest terrorbeast
Wherling Packleader
40 | Brown | New Frontier

  • Size - 6'09"
  • Colour Codes - #473030 | #BC8F8F | #180F0F
On any other Wher, Leonask's colouring would be a rather beautiful thing. A deep purple-tinted brown, marked with dots of a bright rosy-brown and a far darker, close to black brown, colouring along his spine, along the curve of his jaw, over his shoulders, down his back legs to the knee and up his wing to the elbow joint as well as the leading edge of his sails, it should seem quite pretty. Instead it just seems a little incongruous on this massive tank of a Wher.

In build, Leonask is everything a proper fort bred Combat Wher should be. He's built like a tank, broad in the shoulders and deep of chest, with a thick wedge of a head, powerful neck and tail and well muscled limbs. His wings are broad in every sense of the word, being almost unusually long and wide, perfect for throwing him into the air to take down flying enemies. Leonask isn't the most agile, but there is a kind of heavy grace to him, like some kind of massive stocky built cat. While he isn't exactly quick off the mark, once he gets moving he's just about impossible to stop, like watching a runaway train in motion.

While Leonask has a number of scars, there are a few which are of particular note. A large burn scar marks his left shoulder from one of his many battles against dragonborn raiders. A more recent set of scars are a set of scars along his right side, curving down from just behind where his wing joins his shoulder and down at a slight angle to the bottom on his ribs.

Loyal - While Leonask is no Iron, he does still have a strong loyalty to those he considers to be pack. Like all well raised combat whers he was extensively socialized as a wherling, so he's fairly good with strangers. However the pack is always what is important, coming second only to his handler and the care and protection of the wherlings.

Protective - Like his human partner, Leonask has a strong protective instinct. He is especially protective of the young, a trait which is rather useful in a wherlingmaster. Of course, for this fellow, just about everyone is a youngling.

Laid-back - Leonask might be a combat Wher, but outside the field of battle he's actually a pretty relaxed fella. He's the kind of Wher who will happily just lay down and allow children and wherlets to play 'king of the mountain' climbing all over him. Sure he'll growl a bit if they start getting too rough and rowdy, pull away tail and limbs which are getting pulled or chewed on, or nip a Wherling in warning that they've gone too far (though he's been well trained to never use that particular discipline on a human child who annoys him). Overall though he doesn't let much bother him, and when something does (and it's not deemed an actual threat), he's far more likely to simply get up and move to where the annoying thing can no longer annoy him than he is to start something over it.

Cuddly - Leonask likes cuddling. Whether it's with another Wher or something smaller (like a Firelizard or Leon's cat), or even just having his handler leaning against him, Leonask finds a great deal of comfort in being up close and personal with others.

Paternal - Where some wher males have absolutely no interest in any eggs their mates may produce, Leonask has sired several clutches in his time, and he's taken a keen interest in the well being of every one.

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 Posted: Aug 7 2015, 10:22 AM

OOC Name: Nomi

Profile: PROFILE

Title: Wherlingmaster

Posts: 6

Marks: 2

41 | Firelizard | Brown
The Kiang Brown

  • Size - 2'08"
  • Colour Codes - #8A3324 | #A17066 | #2A0C06
Boss is a fairly typical looking brown in build. He tends perhaps a bit more towards lithe than stocky, his muscles sleek rather than bulky. He's kind of sharp looking, with his narrow pointed snout, long slender wings and whip like tail.

An opinionated little fellow, Boss lives up to his name. He's a vocal creature, always willing to give voice to his opinions. He's also rather affectionate, and willing to get quite pushy about when he wants attention.

user posted image
 Posted: Aug 8 2015, 12:36 AM

OOC Name: Nomi

Profile: PROFILE

Title: Wherlingmaster

Posts: 6

Marks: 2

3 | Feline | Tabby and White
Norwegian Forest Cat

  • Length - 3'10"
  • Weight - approx 9kg
  • Coat Colour - Brown marbled tabby and white
  • Eye Colour - Green
A rather long and elegant feline, Miss looks exactly like the regal queen she is. She's a beautiful marbled tabby pattern, marked with white on her nose, muzzle and cheeks, through her ruff, the insides of her legs and her belly.

A scrappy little thing, Miss won't tolerate Toms in her space unless she's in heat, and she's quite willing to beat them up to get them out. If you're not a Tom, then she's a rather affectionate creature, always up for pats or sitting on a lap. In fact, she can get rather pushy when she wants attention.

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 Posted: Aug 16 2015, 01:19 PM

OOC Name: Anubis

Profile: PROFILE

Title: Sand Guardian

Posts: 34

Marks: 90

user posted image

Ayyyy, welcome to Weyrd Science! When you get the chance, face claim is here, and who's who is here! If you want a custom color code for your dragon or wher, claim one here. Welcome again, and we're excited to see Leonaidys in play!

nivika of iron nivisk
qiuvana of --- pterinith [wip]
d'ani of blue vriath [wip]
maalik of green mask [wip]
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