The Green Star - originally intended as a refuge from Thread, now a refuge from war, as all of Pern battles for the last scraps of ore that can be dragged from the earth. Can the riders of Discovery Weyr build anew? Or does this new world harbor its own dangers?

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 Neraidys of Blue Neraidysk
 Posted: Aug 8 2015, 12:55 AM

OOC Name: Prissy

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Protect and Serve
33 | Female | Soldiercraft

Neraidys has light blond hair that she inherited from her mother, she's actually quite pretty at least if you ask her even now as she gets older. Her eyes are a light shade of green that are decently placed on her face and sit slightly at an angle. Neraidys is five foot ten inches tall and has a slightly muscular build from her Turns both in the Soldiercraft and working with her wher. She has a long jagged scar along her left arm from when she tried to get a wild wher egg and had a lucky escape from the Golden mother of the clutch.

Neraidys is very much one to be loyal to those closest to her and to her home, she doesn't allow any harm to come to those she views as part of her inner group. Even with that she will do her best to keep the rest of the weyr or hold she's at safe and protected because of her loyalty to her Craft trained this into her. She's steadfast in the cause of her craft and her duties, she will not shirk any responsibility laid on her and she does do her part to protect her family. She's very hardworking and won't let others do what she needs to do, she is also one of those that rarely asks for help or even seeks help out.

When she's alone with her loved ones she can be quite affectionate and sweet with them, though this is only when she thinks no one else is watching. Neraidys tends towards being gruff and hard on the outside because of her training and she doesn't let this down easily even around her children, she's a soldier first and foremost, wherhandler second, mother last. She's got a strong belief that people need to protect those unable to protect themselves to better keep their world going strong.

Duty and Discipline are two of the key factors that she took away from her training and applied them to her daily life and in every aspect of her assignments. She also feels very strongly towards finishing her commitments and to holding to her word, she is one that will never abandon her post. Neraidys also always finishes a task or job no matter how long it takes her to get it done. There is a strong part of her that believes that every energy that people put out comes back on them eventually, good or bad things always come back to people

Leonairn - Grandfather, ? (b. 2835), Guard/Handler of Blue Lesk (Combat) {deceased - Lesk rebonded}
Dysidia - Grandmother, ? (b. 2840), Journeywoman Healer {deceased}
Leonaidys - Father, 56 (b. 2858), Retired Soldier/Handler of Brown Leonask, Discovery Weyr
Nira - Mother, 55 (b. 2859), Soldier/Handler of Green Nirask (Combat)

Dysiarn - Uncle, 54 (b. 2860), Guard/Handler of Blue Dysiask (formerly Lesk), Fort Hold
Leosida - Aunt, 52 (b. 2862), Journeywoman Healer/Handler of Bronze Leosk (Combat), Fort Hold Area <Combat Medic>

Renizmae - Father's Partner, 66 (b. 2848), Guard/Handler of Gold Renizmask (Combat), Fort Hold
- Maelizyn - Half Sister, 38 (b. 2876), Journeywoman Healer, Healer Hall
-- Orien - Brother-in-law, 40 (b. ????), Journeyman Harper (archivist), Healer Hall
--- Olizan - Nephew, 18 (b. ????), Journeyman Healer/Handler of
--- Orelian - Niece, 16 (b. ????), Apprentice Harper

Ferilia - Father's Partner, 58 (b. 2856), rider of Green Tymmiath {deceased}
- F'leon (Ferileon) - Brother, 35 (b. 2879), rider of Yellow Bonraith, Igen Weyr
- Leonal - Brother, 29 (b. 2885), Handler of Silver Leaisk (Racing), Discovery Weyr

Rolin - Step Father 50 (b. 2864), Handler of Bronze Rolisk (Combat)
- Nirol - Brother, 26 (b. 2888), Handler of Green Nirosk (Racing)
- Lina - Sister, 16 (b. 2898), Candidate

Gelan - Partner, 34 (b. 2880), Handler of Green Gelask
- Nerigan - Son, 13 (b. 2901), Apprentice Healer

Tolinar - Partner, 32 (b. 2882), Journeyman Soldiercrafter
- Tolera - Daughter, 8 (b. 2906), Weyrbrat
- Nolinar - Son, 2 (b. 2912), Weyrbrat

0 - Born to Leonaidys and Nria, when her wher Nirask had run and Leonask caught the green. A small clutch was produced at the same time that Neraidys was conceived. Nira not wanting to leave her craft agreed to send Neraidys to her father's mother.

3 - Her mother becomes weyr mates so to speak with a bronze handler named Rolin, they're together. Neraidys doesn't really see her mother or step father all that much due to their lives.

5 - Neraidys knows that her father visits as frequently as he can and does spend time with all of his children, the first time she can remember him visiting is when she's five. But she knows that he has done so frequently through out her life.

6 - Becomes fascinated with serving for the protection of her home and family, she loved playing Soldiers with a few other kids. Neraidys is eager to serve and plays with her family that are living with her because it's more fun than playing alone.

7 - Her mother tells her about her first half brother by her, Neraidys isn't sure what to think but doesn't care as much because she's with her other family that are living with Leonaidys' mother.

10 - Neraidys expressed the interest to enter the Soldiercraft, she was delayed entry because the ones watching over her didn't want her to go quite yet and wanted to make sure that she was ready for such a big responsibility before she left for the craft.

11 - Finally leaving home to join the Soldiercraft she worked hard to prove herself and applied herself well to the task of training and bettering herself. She had one brief encounter with her father early in her training and she took to heart the fact she was following in her families footsteps.

14 - Made it known she was interested in gaining a wher as her partner, she was part of Fort's territory and the war efforts were on. She was young but capable so they considered her for a wher at that point but she didn't get an egg her first try.

15 - For all that she was told to try again she didn't want to wait so she went into the wilds to try and get an egg from a wild queen. That didn't go so well, she was slashed across the arm and if it hadn't been for a Handler hearing her screams she probably would have gotten a lot worse. The handler saved her and sent her back to the hall.

18 - She wasn't allowed to try for another wher till she was older and wiser, at which time she also walked the tables to Journeywoman. She got given a smallish egg by the Queen that had the eggs. She accepted it gratefully and left with the egg, it hatched out a blue that took the name Neraidysk.

20 - When Neraidysk was fully grown and a bit more, he finally took off chasing another wher this one a pretty green. She was bonded to a male handler, so Neraidys gave in and enjoyed a night with him because it was fun. What she didn't intend was to fall pregnant, it set back her craft and it also made her slower with her wher. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy who's father never even so much as stopped by to say hello. Neraidys couldn't be around much but she did do the favor of sending her child to the creche.

24 - Neraidysk had made it clear he enjoyed chasing by this point but so to had Neraidys that she didn't want to anything to do with partners. At least for now, it wasn't long before she was done she decided against having fun and chose a partner a friend of hers that she had served with. His name was Tolinar, he was a sweet man and one she loved dearly.

25 - Neraidys and Tolinar became weyrmates, it helped the Tolinar didn't have a wher but was just a Soldiercrafter. She fell pregnant again this time she gave birth to a beautiful little girl with red hair like her father. Neraidys cared for her daughter and her son deeply, Tolinar sent both children to his mother and father's who happily took the kids in to raise them. Neraidys had been letting her son be raised by the Creche up to that point.

31 - Neraidys eventually had a third child, this one was also by Tolinar. The little boy that was born had blond hair like his mother, she named him Nolinar. Neraidys sent Nolinar to join his siblings at Tolinar's parents place, she didn't like the idea of sending them away but she had to in order to stay with her craft and her wher.

32 - Began to hear about Discovery Weyr as a better place to live, it was at least going to be better than Pern where the war was destroying the world. Neraidys knew that the entire world was not going to last all that much longer and soon enough it would be uninhabitable by people.

33 - So when she found a ride she gathered up her children and weyrmate. She'd put her kids in the Creche or ask Tolinar to care for them on his own while she worked, she didn't want to be away from them. So Neraidys took them all to the Green Star with her and she joined the people working there and Tolinar agreed to care for the children.

 Posted: Aug 8 2015, 01:07 AM

OOC Name: Prissy

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15 | Blue | Wayfinders


Neraidysk stands at six foot even at the shoulder, he's bulky and thick of build he's clearly a combat wher and he likes his size. He's built stocky and durable, his wings are about average size for his breed and he's not too bad looking for a wher. Neraidysk's coloration is fading from lightest to darkest at his feet and he's good at using his coloration to his advantage when out working or fighting.

Neraidysk is a very hardworking wher, once he gets started on a task he keeps at it till he succeeds partially this comes from training and partially from his natural personality. Though Neraidysk can be very stubborn and not want to do something if the mood strikes him and he tends towards sitting down a lot like a mule when he doesn't want to do something because he knows he's bulky enough to be hard to move. This boy doesn't care much for other male whers, he can get snappy and growly around them if not watched he will start fights because he doesn't want them around his females or his handler.

Around female whers though he can be quite flirtatious and playful, maybe even a little /too/ attentive to their needs and wants. He very much likes to shower then in attention because he wants them to consider him the best option when they go to Run. Neraidysk likes most young things when they're well behaved, he doesn't mind them if they behave but if they pull on his headknobs or tail he gets a bit snappy he never draws blood just snaps near the offending appendage to get them to back off.

 Posted: Aug 13 2015, 04:14 PM

OOC Name: Anubis

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Ayyyy, welcome to Weyrd Science! When you get the chance, face claim is here, and who's who is here! If you want a custom color code for your dragon or wher, claim one here. Welcome again, and we're excited to see Neraidys in play!

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