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Posted by: Rannoch Jul 19 2015, 07:41 PM

P.E.R.N.: Parallel Earth, Resources Negligible. That was the designation given to the planet Pern by its original colonists, thousands of years ago. When AIVAS sparked a worldwide industrial revolution, it was doomed to fail from the beginning... though the Pernese didn't know that.

Centuries have passed since the last time Thread fell. The Weyrs, stretched to capacity, struggle to justify their continued existence: they have consented to genetic engineering as a last-ditch effort to keep the overcrowded queens from killing one another in territorial disputes. Meanwhile the Holds war over the mines of Pern: Telgar Hold has occupied Crom and the Minecraft Hall, seizing control of Pern's largest source of metal and sparking war all across the Northern Continent. The South has closed its borders to keep the conflict at bay, but tensions continue to rise.

A chance discovery in the AIVAS Archives at Landing led to the discovery of the Green Star, a habitable planet that dragons can access via between. Originally intended as a refuge from Thread, the Green Star is now a refuge from war. A small group of desperate riders have founded Discovery Weyr, situated in a lush semi-tropical basin. The weather is gentle, wild game for dragons is plentiful, and many have high hopes for finding new sources of metal ores in the mountains around Discovery Weyr.

But no paradise goes unguarded. Strange creatures attack and kill any dragon that ventures beyond the basin. As time passes, they grow bolder: a recent attack crippled senior gold Hilayleth as she fought to defend her clutch. Former Senior Weyrwoman Aulen refused to step down, denying power to both her Weyrleader and her Junior Weyrwomen in favor of establishing a democratic Weyr Council - with herself at the head. Between political maneuverings within and unknown dangers without, Discovery Weyr stands on the precipice between survival and utter destruction.

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