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Posted by: Tiogne Sep 10 2015, 07:06 AM
Tiogne looked down at the note in her hand and frowned. What was this and why was it under her door. She didn't understand. It wasn't her name and she was pretty sure it wasn't her roommate's name so why was it under her door? It had a heart on it, why did it have a heart on it? Was this... a love note? She held it at arms length and looked about for somebody to help her. Who was it meant to be for so she could get rid of it.

Adrin peeked over her shoulder and suddenly stole the note from her hand and flapped away down the corridor. Time for a game! Tiogne sighed. "Adrin get back here!" She called as she began to run after him. "Come back! That's not mine!" She grumbled. "You'd better not lose it!" She yelled.

He lead her a merry chase through the barracks and out towards the landing square. He was having a whale of a time, why should he stop! Chase was fun! He did a loop the loop and cackled happily. He looked about and suddenly she wasn't there! He circled back on himself but he couldn't find her! He whistled sadly. Where was she! He landed on a tree and began to sulk. Why wasn't she here! She was meant to be chasing him!

Meanwhile Tiogne had decided to walk. It wasn't like she couldn't find the nuisance later anyway. She had food to be eating, things to be doing, she didn't have time to go looking for her nonsense brown and the stupid love note that wasn't even for her! She wondered what was inside it... Pah! Reading other people's mail wasn't worth it anyway! When Adrin came back to her she'd go find the CandidateMaster and ask him to find the person it was addressed to.

She walked along to the Dining Hall. Food would make her feel better. She huffed. Stupid Adrin and his chase games. Stupid Love Note and stupid unknown recipient. They should be ashamed of themselves. No, the person who delivered the love note should be ashamed. It's their fault this all started in the first place after all! She was just an innocent Cook trying to get along with her life, why did it have to happen to her. She got some food and sat at a table. She took a bite of the roll. This was stupid. Why did people have to fall in love in the first place.

Adrin popped from between and flopped on the table, still holding the note. Tiogne didn't notice, still buried in her huff and her food. He cheeped at the boy a little further down the table with the lovely white hair. Help! His was ignoring him!

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