The Green Star - originally intended as a refuge from Thread, now a refuge from war, as all of Pern battles for the last scraps of ore that can be dragged from the earth. Can the riders of Discovery Weyr build anew? Or does this new world harbor its own dangers?

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 Flitt, Archivist, Candidate
 Posted: Aug 3 2015, 05:42 PM

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Go to the new Weyr, be an archivist, it’ll be fun, they said.
Well, it’s not. And now I’m bored.
Archivist / Candidate
24 | Female | Harper Spy

Flitt stands at an easy 5’8”, but she isn’t an imposing figure. She likes to say that she’s relatively average, having gained a bit of weight from her time on the streets. She has brown hair that she keeps around shoulder length and hazel eyes. Her skin is tanned from hours in the sun, though she’s slowly losing it. She’s generally rather fit and tries to keep herself in relative shape. You never know when you’ll have to run away. In clothing she likes non-descript and practical.

Serious and focused when required, resourceful and willing to create her own entertainment when not. She prefers to do something, anything, over nothing.

Relaxed and focused on her day to day life, Flitt is 24 going on 12. She doesn’t come across as the most serious person, prone to wanderlust and exploring, and occasionally pushing the rules. Her motto is along the lines of “rules are meant to be broken”, and “oh Faranth I’m so bored, I need something interesting to do.” Which is a horrible mix when you take into consideration her relatively short attention span. Fortunately Flitt has the focus to push herself through a task, but she most definitely won’t enjoy it. Having grown up learning to shirk around rules and limitations… Well, it’s safe to say that old habits die really, really hard.

She’s relatively easy to get along with, generally willing to act younger with people younger than her, and act more mature around those who would expect her to be a serious harper. She generally tries to get a read on people and adapt to a situation, but occasionally her tongue gets away from her. She tries to remember her manners and to not rub her hands across her nose or go to work covered in dirt, but she’s really not accustomed to these ‘high end’ jobs and more accustomed to trying to sneak behind enemy lines and living on the streets with the poor. She does knows how to play a good game and act the part. She wouldn’t have her job if she didn’t.

When able to be at ease, she’s mildly competitive, and has a touch of a gambling streak. She’s not someone who’ll turn away from a difficult time or trouble. Some would call her foolish and she can’t disagree Flitt’s saving grace is that when you give her a task, she tends to pull herself together and throw herself 110% at her job. There’s a catch: it either has to be short, or she has to enjoy it. Both of which her stay at Discovery Weyr is not.

When push comes to shove she’s resourceful, opportunistic, and knows when to listen instead of speak. Where she might not push someone into the oncoming danger, she’ll definitely make sure that she isn’t the last one in line. She has a healthy curiosity and a healthy thirst for knowledge, both of which the Green Star provide ample opportunities to nourish. She’s not someone who enjoys sitting idly on her hands and much prefers to be in the thick of things. It’s why she hates her job so passionately, though she has to admit that a few of the archives have been interesting.

When times are tough, Flitt falls back on pragmatism. There’s no point crying over spilt milk. There are worst things out there, stand up straight and don’t let anyone see you cry. Her days among the war have made her less sensitive and empathic than she used to be. Instead, she prefers to call herself a realist. Sometimes life deals you a crappy hand. You play your cards and move on. Hope for a better one tomorrow. She doesn’t know how to react in emotional situations, and simply stands around awkwardly when someone needs to be comforted. For a harper, she isn’t the best with words. But she can be depended on in a pinch.

  • Flitt was born in a trading caravan around Bitra as Naryan. She spent her childhood growing up among the darker underbelly of Bitra’s territory and learning to fit in. She learned first to listen before to speak, and learned that secrets could be just as powerful as force. Her nickname back then was ‘bait’, simply because her family would play the ruse of the lost little girl to rob the occasional traveler blind.
  • Naryan was six when the skirmishes broke out in earnest and her family lost their caravan during one of the skirmishes. They began living as nomads but the lifestyle was difficult on the kids, and without the resources to restart their career, and not willing to fall into debt, her family shipped off their kids to various Holds where they might stand the chance to learn a craft.
  • Naryan moved to Fort with her older sister who after two turns was picked up by Harper Hall, and she got to tag along as well. It was at harperhall where she decided to go by the name of ‘Flitt’. She could be a flitt-on-the-ledge.
  • Flitt was accepted officially into the craft at 11 turns old. Whether out of sympathy or as a punishment, she never quite knew. Unlike her sister, Naryan had a harder letting go of her old trading habits, and was instead given other tasks to do while learning to be able to pass as a Harper.
  • Flitt never officially walked the tables. Instead, at 18 she was sent up towards Crom to become part of a chain that could relay current happenings to the hall from behind enemy lines.
  • During 2909, Flitt was part of a team to infiltrate Telgar but get caught. Where Flitt escaped, her partner didn’t. Her master believes that she left them behind. Flitt is then given archival duties until they find a suitable solo task for her.
  • During 2910, Flitt is sent out to Discovery Weyr to be both eyes and ears on the new Green Star and to become one of the Weyr’s archivists.
  • 2911-2914, she spends her time hating her job, though life at the Weyr is rarely dull, and she finds the Green Star an interesting, albeit hostile place.
  • 2914 Flitt is given the opportunity to stand for a dragon clutch if she so chooses. And though she’s accepted for the experience, she hasn’t decided whether or not she’ll actually stand come hatching day.
 Posted: Aug 4 2015, 02:50 PM

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Ayyyy, welcome to Weyrd Science! When you get the chance, who's who is here! Welcome again, and we're excited to see Flitt in play!

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