The Green Star - originally intended as a refuge from Thread, now a refuge from war, as all of Pern battles for the last scraps of ore that can be dragged from the earth. Can the riders of Discovery Weyr build anew? Or does this new world harbor its own dangers?

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 Sicile, Candidate
 Posted: Aug 15 2015, 09:57 PM

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Sicile grew up as a Farmer, and just by looking at her you can tell this. She has a nice tan from the sun as well as freckles all over her face and shoulders. Like the rest of her family Sicile has dark brown curly hair. She normally keeps it short but sometimes lets it get as long as to her shoulders. Her eyes are a mix of light brown and dark brown though on different days it seems it is more one color then the other. She is still growing but so far stands at 5'4", her whole family is tall so she is hoping to at least grow another four inches so she can be as tall as her older sister. She has no curves, nor does she really hope to have any. She is pretty muscular in shape from all the hard work she has done, plus the fact that she seems to naturally develop muscle faster then others.

Sicile is isn't the calmest of people. If anything, it might be said that she has a slight issue with her anger. For one she can be angered pretty easily, and when she is angry she can be destructive. Only people she care about can calm her down right away, if they aren't around she has enough sense to walk away and let off steam by herself. Well most of the time she does. She can also be pretty harsh when dealing with people, preferring to tell people how it is rather then sugar coating things. This has made her not the best with most children, and adults either don't like her for it or respect her for it. It isn't that she does it on purpose, she just doesn't see the point in making a bad situation sound good, she rather be straight forward so you know what your getting yourself into. This can change if she gets to know someone very well and feels they can't handle it, though this is rare.

Despite being young Sicile loves to flirt. Women, men, it's all the same to her. It isn't uncommon for her to be doing something and then get distracted by a pretty face that she feels she has to go talk to. She blames her brothers for this. Despite being able to be distracted Sicile is a pretty hard and dedicated worker. She will do just about anything assigned to her and do it to the best of her abilities. She doesn't half ass things, in her opinion if your going to do something you should do it as best as you can or not do it at all. She's also loyal to those she calls friends. It isn't easy getting this title, sure she will be on friendly terms with anyone who isn't off put by her harsh nature, but to be considered a real friend is something else. She's also sturdy in the fact that it takes a lot to bring her down. She can handle crying children, whining girls, stubborn boys, impossible tasks, just about anything, for a long time. As long as it doesn't strike a nerve causing her temper she can handle almost anything.

    1. Flirty
    2. Harsh
    3. Temperamental
    1. Hard Worker
    2. Loyal
    3. Sturdy
Sicile grew up the baby of her family, with three older siblings. When she was born her older sister, Fenne, was three turns older then her and her brothers Fikenil and Sreose were six and five turns older respectively. Needless to say that their house was a crazy one when she was born, though her mother was happy to have another girl. She hopped that this would even out the house, though she couldn't be more wrong. From the start Sicile wasn't what her mother had in mind when she had her second daughter. Even as a child she liked to play in the dirt and had rather be outside with her father and brothers then be doing boring work with her mother and sister. Her brothers had tried to make her into a mini them and it worked, much to her mother's dismay. At first her mother tried to make her into a proper girl, but as the turns passed it became evident that it wasn't going to happen.

At five turns her older sister got to finally work with her father and brothers outside. The first few days she cried until her father and brothers came back, and after a few days of her wailing her mother sent her outside with the rest of them family under Fenne's care. She didn't care to much for her sister, she reminded Sicile of her mother, but her brothers were another story. When her mother sent her outside it was mostly Fikenil and Sreose who she ended up following around. From such a young age her brothers and father taught her what they knew about their craft. She was considered young to be learning somethings, which caused her to take longer to learn certain things, but she eventually caught on and was eager to learn as much as she could. Although her brothers were old enough to leave to the craft hall they didn't right away. When she was eight turns her oldest brother, Fikenil, left to apprentice and she became very attached to Sreose. However it was only two turns after this that he too left. The first night Sreose left she had to hold in her tears, she had become very close to her brothers over the years and didn't know her sister very well. From what she could tell she was a mini replica of the mother the pretty much ignored her. However much to her dismay it was Fenne who had the responsibility of taking care of her since her brothers were gone. As time passed she came to understand that Fenne was not so much like her mother Farssis and the two became close. It was clear that her sister accepted her and didn't try to change her like her mother always did. In the one turn she was at home with her sister the Sicile had become her sisters shadow.

Only one turn later Fenne and Sicile left for the craft hall in Nerat together. Sicile was considered young to be starting her apprenticeship, but due to the fact that she had begun learning so young she was above her age group and they allowed her in. She was happy to be reunited with her brothers, both still being in their apprenticeship but she stayed close to her sister while at the hall. While at the hall she got into trouble from time to time, her temper causing most of these fights and her harsh nature causing the rest. She told people how it was, and a lot of people didn't like that. She wasn't a stranger to punishment but she took it all with a grain of salt. If she wasn't going to change who she was for her mother she wasn't going to change for anyone, plus her siblings liked her well enough.

It was at the hall, at the age of twelve turns, when she realized that women were pretty. It was Fikenil who she told first, worrying that her good relationship with her sister would be ruined when she told her. Her brother just laughed and mused with her hair. He told her that no one would care who she liked. It gave her hope that her sister would be as accepting. She finally confessed to her sister, and then Sreose some time after. She was delighted to find out that Fenne's love for her didn't change just because Sicile liked girls. This was something that brought the two of them even closer. She tried not to make this little fact of hers known, some of her peers considered it horrible, but she couldn't help but flirt. It was at thirteen turns when she got her first kiss from an older girl and she loved it. Although she still found boys mildly attractive it was women who really captivated her.

When she was twelve turns her sister was searched! She was at the hall when it happened and the thought of being separated from her sister scared her. Her brothers had both already left the hall with their Journeymen status, her sister was the last part of home she could cling on to. She raced to the dragon and demanded that he and his rider take her with them, and much to her surprise the dragon found that she would also make a good candidate. Happy she went to go tell Fenne the good news! They were going to the Weyr together, and Discovery Weyr none the less!
 Posted: Aug 16 2015, 01:23 PM

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Ayyyy, welcome to Weyrd Science! When you get the chance, face claim is here, and who's who is here! Welcome again, and we're excited to see Sicile in play!

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