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 Tomyas, dragon candidate
 Posted: Aug 18 2015, 07:45 PM

OOC Name: Sydley

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i wonder what it’s like to be the type who doesn’t burn

    5'6"; light hair; green eyes; skinny; lucky blue smith

    Tomyas, back when he was surrounded by family, was quite a sight to behold. His mother and brother were both dark of hair, as were his aunts and older cousin. Only his uncle had lighter colored hair but, even then, it was nowhere close to as light as Tomyas' hair. His grandfather joked about him being adopted sometimes, and, if it wasn't for his mother's mushy stories about meeting her husband while pregnant with Tomyas--- he would have believed him.

    Tomyas sports pale, nearing white in some lights, hair. It's perpetually messy, like he's been running everywhere, (which he does), or sleeping in peculiar spots (which he also does). He's never taken a brush or a comb to it and rather opts to lop it off whenever it starts to tangle or mat together. His skin is just as pale as his hair, dipping into sickly shades in some areas, and he tends to burn easily in the sun--- giving him an unfortunate red sheen. His eyes are the one thing with color on the boy's body, it seems, a bright shade of green that tends to look blue in certain lights. It's color, none the less, and the one trait he inherited from his mother--- so if you ask him what he likes best about himself--- he'll say that.

    Build wise Tomyas sports an unfortunate stature of 5'6", maybe 5'7" in the right shoes, and a scrawny body to match. He's not the most intimidating thing to look at.
    Tomyas, on first glance, is not the first boy one would pick out of a group to hang out with. By all appearance he tends to act like the kind of boy mothers warn their children to stay away from. Bitter, short tempered, arrogant, loud--- almost everything out of his mouth tends to be a sarcastic or scathing remark. A smart aleck some would say--- or a smart ass if you wanted to be crude. He says what's on his mind with little regard for others' personal feelings or opinions and has no issues with making more enemies than friends. His temper is explosive and comes without warning at times. He's known to hold grudges, as well, and rarely forgives when he feels you've wronged him. Beyond this--- There's not a mature bone in his body, and, many have said it might actually kill him to take something seriously for once.

    Of course, this is all on first glance, and second, and third--- and for some people it might be all they ever see when they look at the boy. Why spare him a second glance, anyway, when he ruins their first impression of him? Why seek him out when he does everything possible to push you away? He certainly tries hard to make himself unlikable, it seems, or, at least irritating enough that you won't want to spend more time than required around him. But while some people might only see this side of Tomyas, others--- those who keep coming back to him or are more observant than average--- will see another side of the candidate despite outward appearances.

    Tomyas, underneath it all, likes people--- but circumstances being what they are have led the boy to have a hard time befriending others. He seems to be subconsciously worried about others abandoning him--- so he pushes them away before they'll ever get the chance to befriend--- and then leave him. The few friends he does have, however, he clings to with such vigor that it could be considered annoying at times. He's loyal to a fault, desperate for attention and need for affection, and tends to be overbearing at times because of this.

    He also has a tendency to run, however, once he realizes that other people actually care for him--- or find him likable--- it causes him to freeze up and take off. The same goes for when he's feeling overwhelmed or any other strong emotion. He doesn't process things well, often saying he doesn't have feelings or emotions, (he just doesn't know what he's feeling--- and thus to him he doesn't have any), and has to get away from everyone and everything to actually take a minute to process things. He has trouble slowing down in general, to be honest, and tends to be constantly on the move. His mind goes ninety to nothing and he often bounces in place when forced to stand still. He even moves in his sleep, twitching here and there or tossing around in his bed. His speech patterns seem to follow the same faults. When excited, or angry, or upset in any form his words tend to bleed together, the boy talking so fast you're unable to get a word in--- or understand him. He can't slow his brain or tongue down, no matter how hard he tries.

    His 'constantly moving' trait applies to interests, as well, which is why now that he has the option for an apprenticeship with a craft he still doesn't have one. He just can't seem to focus on one thing for too long--- this goes for his candidate lessons, as well, which sometimes earns him the ire of the masters. He's trying, however, his sarcastic remarks and casual attitude along with his attention never seemingly being held on one thing make the lesson masters think differently. He's earned several scathing remarks and scoldings from them because of this.

    His inability to pay attention is one of Tomyas' biggest shames--- especially since he wants to be of worth to Discovery Weyr so badly. Since losing his family he's only been told he wasn't worth very much. Only good for manual labor--- and now he has dragons saying he has potential in upcoming clutches. He has a chance to make something of himself at this new Weyr---- but so far hasn't been making much progress or gaining much good attention from anyone. Which is his own fault, in the end, he's the one who acts like a jerk--- the one who snarks off to the master when he calls out on him for not paying attention--- he's the one not making anything of himself--- but still. It hurts.

    Not that he'd let you know. Or would even admit it to himself.
    JANUS . step father . +20
    ANYA . mother . +17
    YANN . half brother . -1

    ANSI . grandfather . +42
    YATOMA . grandmother . +41
    EMDRIN . uncle (by marriage) . +24
    SIYA . aunt . +22
    SITOM . uncle . +17
    ALYNE . aunt (by marriage) . +15
    YATSI . aunt . +15
    EMYA . cousin . +4
    LYSI . cousin . -7
    2897 . Born to a family of traders, Tomyas is the first grandson born to the matriarch and patriarch of the family. His mother, Anya, is barely seventeen at the time of her son's birth and already head over heels for another man, Janus, who joined their caravan after being "dazzled by Anya's stunning beauty", (his words). There is no mention of whom Tomyas' might be and Anya avoids the topic all together, instead opting to name the boy after both herself and her twin brother. Tomyas is well loved by his large family and is a fussy babe, so he's doted on often. His grandfather and uncle both seem to be especially fond of him, though their affection pales in comparisons to Anya's love for the boy.

    2898 . Tomyas' younger half brother, Yann, is born. Janus is the father and Anya seems to have no qualms with letting this be known. Janus and Anya wedded three months before Yann's birth. Tomyas is a turn old when his brother is born, (five days after his own birthday), and seems to have no issues with sharing his family's affection with the younger boy. They both grow quickly and play with their older cousin, Emya, often, and tend to terrorize the caravan with their games.

    2900 . Tomyas' uncle, Sitom, marries a farmer's daughter, Alyne. She joins the caravan shortly after their wedding and becomes a well loved figured among the family. Tomyas, being three turns at the time of the marriage, proceeds to have a hard time remembering life before Alyne joined them.

    2903 . Tomyas is six turns old when his step-father, Janus, who Tomyas found enjoyable and treated Tomyas as his own blood, vanishes. They were at Nabol Hold when it happens. Everyone in unsure whether or not something happened to the man or if he truly upped and left. They search for several days. Anya is inconsolable and Tomyas, even for a young boy, is especially enraged about the whole thing. Yann seems to not understand what's happened. After nearly a month of searching the caravan moves on.

    2904 . Alyne and Sitom finally have a child, a daughter named Lysi, and Tomyas' position of 'favorite grandchild of Ansi' becomes usurped. He doesn't mind very much--- he already loves his cousin Emya and figures another cousin will be just as nice. Plus Lysi is cute, for a baby. Once she starts to walk and talk her older cousins take it upon themselves to teach her the ways of the world--- and begin to get away with a lot more thanks to both Emya's sweet disposition, Yann's naivety, and Lysi's cute face. Tomyas can't get away with anything on his own.

    2907 . Despite the warnings from other traders and caravans, Tomyas' family continues to trade among the southern most part of the Northern Continent. They have seen the attacks by Fort Weyr on their own Holds, have witnessed raids themselves--- but they continue their ways none the less. They are too stubborn to change. They consider themselves fortunate to have not suffered much from the war. They are traveling between Southern Boll Hold and Fort Hold, one night, however, when their fortune changes. A party from Fort Weyr, having picked off most of the other caravans, supply wagons, and traders coming this way, spots them and attacks. Wagons are picked up, overturned, some even carried off by dragons. It's chaos and, in the confusion, Tomyas manages to get separated from his mother and brother. Their wagon, (the one they live in), is overturned and catches flame. The boy's flight or fight instincts step in--- and he takes off running. By the time morning comes he's lost and injured in the Pernese wilderness.

    2907 . Tomyas is found, dehydrated and confused, by a farmer's son on his way home from Southern Boll. The farmer's son gives him water and, when asked if he had see any traders on his route, tells Tomyas he only saw the remains of a previous raid on one. Tomyas is certain his mother would never leave without him--- so he assumes this means most of his family, or at least his mother and brother, are dead. The son offers to take Tomyas back to his own cothold and, being ten turns own and not knowing what to do, Tomyas agrees. The leader of the cothold agrees to take Tomyas in as long as he works.

    2907 - 2911 . Tomyas, being of holdless heritage, is often treated ill by the other members of the cothold. He has no family to support him, or pay for him to learn a craft, so he's given menial jobs. Often times he proves to weak to help with strenuous manual labor jobs--- which earns him scathing glares cotholders and remarks of being called useless--- but he has no where else to go so he stays put. He does, however, manage to befriend, (at least in his eyes), the wife of the leader of the cothold. She mentions having a brother Tomyas' age and seems to have taken to him as a pseudo brother or son. Of course she sometimes fell prey to the comments about his heritage or worth but, she's the closest thing to friend Tomyas has at the cothold, so he clings to her like nothing else.

    2911 . Tomyas' lady friend's expensive jewelry goes missing. Tomyas, being the last one in her room, (to clean it), is accused. Several more accusations fly at him once this comes to light, as well, about missing marks and tools. Normally a thief would be told to pay back everything they've stolen but Tomyas has no income of his own--- so instead he's kicked from the cothold. He's hurt, justifiably so, especially about his 'friend' for accusing him along with everyone else. He wanders the roads for a while, not sure where to go or what to do, until a passing caravan, (much smaller than his family's), picks him up.

    2911 - 2913 . His new caravan, which is made up of holdless and other 'miscreants', stops at nearly every hold or cothold they come to-- doing menial labor and odd jobs for the occasional mark or food. Tomyas picks up on some minor pick pocketing here but, after one member of their caravan gets caught and jailed, decides against pursuing this new skill.

    2913 . The carvan is down to three members, most having joined Holds and cotholds over the past turns. At High Reaches Hold one of the three members stays to marry a girl he knocked up--- and the last one gets jailed for thievery. Tomyas, feeling abandoned and not wanting to continue out on the roads on his own, stays at the Hold. He picks up doing drudge work, for the most part, and manages to earn a few marks doing odd jobs here and there.

    2914. A Dragon search party from Discovery Weyr lands at High Reaches Hold. Tomyas gets spotted by a sly Blue Dragon and is called over, where he's told he has potential to impress one of the hatchlings from the upcoming clutch at the Weyr. Tomyas, seeing as he has nothing tying him to Pern, agrees to go with. Life at Discovery thus far has proven rather boring--- aside from the Candidate lessons which he seems to fail in every way. He is trying, though, and wants to prove the little Dragon who searched him right--- he does have some potential. At least he hopes.
 Posted: Aug 19 2015, 08:47 PM

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Ayyyy, welcome to Weyrd Science! When you get the chance, face claim is here, and who's who is here! Welcome again, and we're excited to see Tomyas in play!

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