The Green Star - originally intended as a refuge from Thread, now a refuge from war, as all of Pern battles for the last scraps of ore that can be dragged from the earth. Can the riders of Discovery Weyr build anew? Or does this new world harbor its own dangers?

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 Jeride, Dragon Candidate
 Posted: Aug 22 2015, 05:26 PM

OOC Name: Sporelet

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Title: Candidate

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lost my manners, have I?
seems you're a bit turned around,
cuz I never had any to begin with.

    » height : 5'8"
    » build : Lean
    » skin : Olive
    » hair colour : Black
    » hairstyle : Short . Straight
    » eyes : Dark Brown

    Jeride is a fairly unremarkable teen boy as far as appearances are concerned. He's of average height, standing at five-foot-eight when he isn't slouching, with that gangly build that growing boys tend to have. Perhaps he's a bit thinner than some, his elbows more jutting, ribs slightly too visible, but he's not starving, and that's the important thing. His features are relatively even, he has all his fingers, and none of his scars are on his face. He may have suffered a few gashes and breaks over the course of his childhood, but the memories of those wounds are hidden under layers of cloth and guarded stubbornly from any who would think to pry. His skin, what parts of it aren't the puckered pink of scar tissue, is a sort of medium shade between white and light-brown, a colour which darkens considerably over the fleeting months of summer.

    Jeride wears his inky-black hair cut short enough to forget about most of the time, and it's not uncommon to see a clump of it sticking up in the back where it was slept on and subsequently ignored. His eyes are somewhat narrow, and such a dark brown that they look black in any but the brightest of lights. Jeride favours clothing which closely matches the colour of his hair and eyes, as black is harder to stain and can be passed off as clean for longer than light colours can. He'll take anything he can afford, though, and has been seen in brighter colours now and again. Though his clothes are patched from repeated repairs and worn from constant use, Jeride nevertheless carries himself with and air of affected ease and confidence, some times more convincingly than others. It's in the most trying of environments that he smiles wider than ever, wearing indifference like armor against everything that has the power to hurt him.
    » disposition : Cynical
    » demeanour : Cocky
    » confidence : Insecure
    » obstinacy : Pigheaded
    » integrity : Unscrupulous
    » values : Family . Love . Money
    » traits : Irreverent . Mischievous . Loud . Insensitive . Rash . Devoted

    When someone first meets Jeride, the first impression they get is of some sort of male bird performing for mates or territory, strutting about, tall and proud, and calling as loudly and as often as he can. What kind of bird did you think of? Think less impressive than that. No. Even more drab and gawky. Jeride is the seagull of the Weyr, loud and opportunistic and dirty, and nowhere as great as he thinks he is. Though he assumes the worst of everyone he meets, that doesn't stop Jeride from posturing constantly to make sure nobody gets the wrong idea about the kind of person he is. That person, evidently, is irreverent and obnoxious, a person who has no sense of timing and is universally hated by everyone who enjoys peace and quiet. One might wonder if he hates people and would simply like everyone to return the favour, but the truth is considerably less malicious and a lot more embarrassing. Jeride is just incredibly self-absorbed. That's not to say that he isn't being intentionally rude when he interrupts the candidate master or makes light of a stranger's grievances. He is. But it's all part of the mystique he cultivates, this idea that by proving his disregard for others, he demonstrates his own independence.

    Shockingly this doesn't earn him a great reputation, and yet he has lived his entire life among the dregs of society, both envying those with steady incomes and loving homes to return to, and hating them. Even while he mistrusts and resents most everyone he meets for the charmed lives that he assumes they lead, Jeride rejects the idea that he might in any way be inferior to them, and flaunts this rejection at every opportunity. His behaviour around people he's actively trying to befriend is little better; having met so few people whom he considered worth getting to know during his life, Jeride is socially awkward at best and at worst, downright annoying. Overtures of friendship include unsubtle and often heavily embellished accounts of all his best features and most impressive accomplishments, like some sort of friendship resume in desperate need of peer reviewing. It's only with those whom he is closest to that Jeride feels he has nothing to prove, talking and joking with them without the usual bravado which accompanies his every waking breath. Around his family his usual arsenal of pranks lack the nasty edge which he reserves for everyone else, and he forgets to build himself up long enough to pay attention to what other people have to say. Jeride would do anything for his brothers and sisters because they are all he has, and he knows each one feels the same way. Even about him.
    » mother : Jersa . +17
    » adopted sister : Islyn . +8
    » adopted sister : Denna . +2
    » adopted brother : Jossetan . -1
    » various other toerags

    2897-2899 . As might be expected, Jeride's life did not begin happily. Born one summer to an unmarried girl in a minor hold near Nerat, he and his mother were supported grudgingly by her parents, who considered her promiscuity an embarrassment to the family. When Jeride was a turn and a half old, his grandparents' embarrassment outgrew their goodwill and they kicked their daughter out of their home.

    2901-2907 . Mother and son lingered at the small hold for a time, relying on the pity of old friends to make ends meet, but eventually the scorn she suffered at the hands of people she had once trusted grew to be too much, and the young mother set out for a new hold in which to raise her child. She found work as a drudge in Nerat Hold, and struggled to make ends meet while keeping watch over the child no one wanted. Jeride was left increasingly by himself so that his mother could afford to keep them both fed; by the time he was six, he wandered the hold unattended and unobserved most days, getting into mischief and returning home occasionally to a mother too exhausted to spend any effort talking to him. Over the turns he roamed further and longer, walking out to market whenever merchant caravans came around, filching what he could and trading stolen items to those who would not remember his face in exchange for food or clothing. He began to pick pockets for money, and by his clumsy attempts earned punishments for himself and his mother both.

    2907-2913 . Eventually Jeride stopped returning home altogether. At the age of ten he hitched a ride to the next hold over on a passing farmer's wagon and picked up his illicit lifestyle where he'd left off, slightly less clumsy now, but still earning a bad reputation for himself within a month or two. He was beaten on multiple occasions, merchants stopped taking his money, and he would undoubtedly have starved if it wasn't for the timely intervention of a young woman named Islyn. A holdless girl herself, Islyn earned a living for herself by trading her company, and often more than that, for favours from the local men wherever she'd settled in. Street urchins seemed to flock to her, and Jeride was no different. Islyn fed them all what she could spare, gave them a place to sleep. After a while the children would form a sort of kinship with each other, share advice on the best spots beg and the places where food could sometimes be found. Jeride learned to knife-fight from Denna, and Jossetan taught him to be a slicker pickpocket. Islyn continued to ply her trade. They all got by.

    2914 . Spring brought an unexpected change for the strange family. A searchrider from that new Weyr everyone had heard about, Discovery, visited the hold to Search for candidates to attend the upcoming hatching on the Green Star. Denna, Jossetan, and Jeride were all Searched. They were among the oldest of Islyn's "children", and had been with her the longest. They were also the most determined to remain by her side. Several drawn-out arguments later, the youths agreed that all three of them would accompany the rider back to his Weyr only on the condition that Islyn and the rest of their family be taken as well. With three prospective candidates hanging on the line, the searchrider agreed. It took multiple trips, but Islyn's entire family made the move to Discovery Weyr. They've settled in nicely, some taking drudge work or even finding crafts among the journeyman who travelled here with the first settlers. Jeride is just a candidate for now, but who knows, maybe he'll get a respectable job one day too.

 Posted: Aug 22 2015, 06:36 PM

OOC Name: Anubis

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Welcome to Weyrd Science! When you get the chance, face claim is here, and who's who is here! Welcome again, and we're excited to see Jeride in play!

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