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 veda, candidate, a. glasscrafter (complete!)
 Posted: Aug 23 2015, 08:09 PM

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man: i hope u know how beautiful u really are
me, unaffected: i do

    Physically, Veda looks every bit the part of a holder's niece (though Ista ought to count their blessings that there is a long line of people set to inherit before she ever can). She's tall to begin with and always stands with her back straight, and while she isn't a very curvaceous woman, she cuts a statuesque figure. Her dark hair generally falls in waves around her shoulders -- or, when she's at work, gets pinned up in a loose bun to keep it out of her way. Veda has never had the patience for the elaborate hairstyles her mother and sister are fond of wearing.

    Her brown skin contrasts with hazel-green eyes. If you're looking at her face, it's hard to ignore her eyes, highlighted as they are by her high cheekbones and the little spray of freckles across her nose. Veda can't stand the freckles. She thinks they make her look too childish, too approachable, and that's the opposite of what she wants. That said, it's unlikely anyone who can see would get that impression of her, considering her features are nearly always set in an annoyed expression, like it's sapping all of her strength to keep from rolling her eyes. Which is pretty much the case.
    Let's get this out of the way first: Veda is not Discovery Weyr's most pleasant candidate. In fact, sometimes it seems that she's actively competing for the spot of least pleasant.

    Stubborn as a mule and so proud that she'd probably rather walk straight off a cliff than listen to someone else who told her to turn around, she's not known for her ability to follow directions. Veda doesn't take well to being given orders, and since she has a spiteful streak a mile wide, she's liable to get genuine satisfaction out of disobeying them. She's the child who takes a twisted pride in disappointing her parents, the student who builds an identity out of repeated failures. Even a lifetime of her mother's criticism and her mentors' exasperation has not been able to fully rid her of that impulse to self-destruct if need be, as long as it brings someone else down with her.

    Veda is quick-tempered and hard to impress. She seems to move through life perpetually annoyed by everything and everyone she meets, and she's not shy about showing that. Someone particularly forgiving might assume they've caught her on a bad day, but the truth is, she just doesn't have a gentle bone in her body.

    Even on the exceedingly rare occasion she likes somebody, Veda's instinct is to show it not with tenderness, but by viciously protecting them from anything that has the nerve to harm them. (This better side to her tends to rear its head only around other women. Of course, girls aren't exempt from her baseline rudeness, but her willingness to go to bat on their behalf, especially against bothersome men, is one of her few redeeming qualities.) She can be surprisingly loyal to people she cares for -- just don't expect her to express that affection in any way soft or sweet.
  • Veyan was a master at the Glasscraft Hall located at Ista Hold, and Serida was a younger sister of the lord holder. Although Serida wasn't in line to inherit leadership of the hold (her elder brother had children of his own), she had grown up in Ista's high society. Veyan, meanwhile, came from a less illustrious family, but suddenly grew rich thanks to the new demand for glass-smiths' work. Their first daughter, Sarai, was born in 2888; four turns later, in autumn 2892, Veda came along. They eventually had a third child, a son named Dayan, in 2895.
  • For most of Veda's childhood, her father was busy with his craft, mentoring journeymen and taking on complicated jobs. She was mostly raised by the family's household staff and her mother, as Serida was intent on instilling proper manners in her daughters. Sarai, it seemed, took after her mother, easily picking up social niceties. The same things that came so naturally to Sarai eluded Veda, who was always a little too blunt, a little too impatient. Veda spent much of her early life in her sister's shadow, resenting her for being able to make their mother proud, dismissing the value of Serida and Sarai's social graces while wishing she had them too.
  • The advent of her little brother, Dayan, only made things worse. He was indulged in every way, doted on for being both the youngest child and the sole boy. No one expected him to be soft and pretty and elegant; nobody scolded him for speaking out of turn, or for frolicking with the servants' children. Veda hated him (though perhaps it wasn't Dayan she really hated, but rather what he represented). With her older sister playing the part of the perfect lady, and her younger brother growing into a social butterfly, Veda molded herself to fit a different niche: the difficult child.
  • Dayan may have loved everyone he met, but Veda certainly didn't -- and she was particularly bemused by the people from Ista Weyr. Having never seen a threadfall, she put no stock in the weyrs' leadership, and judging by their floundering attempts to support themselves, the people there couldn't boast of many skills. What made them think, she wondered, that they were entitled to the work done by people in the holds? Let her brother crane his neck for a glimpse of a dragon. She didn't need them.
  • By the time she was thirteen turns old, there was some boy her parents wanted Sarai to marry. He was the son of a rich merchant, and the match would be a financial dream. Veda barely bothered to learn the boy's name; his sister's name, though, she remembered. Annura. She was about a turn older than Veda, bright and vivacious and willing to sneak out of stuffy family dinners to climb to the roof and watch the sea. Veda was enamored with her, and she returned the feelings. But Veyan and Serida, when they discovered the relationship, were horrified that not only was their sullen second daughter uninterested in men, she was also jeopardizing her older sister's betrothal.
  • So for her fourteenth turn-day, Veda was sent to the Glasscraft Hall. Her parents hoped an apprenticeship would make her more palatable; it did not. For the next six turns, she learned the ins and outs of her new craft, working toward journeyman status and thus the freedom to leave Ista and go where she pleased. Annura, for her part, had certainly been married off herself, and who else was worth staying here for? Her parents? Her perfect sister? Her spoiled little brother?
  • Her plans took an new and unexpected turn in 2913. A search dragon from Discovery Weyr arrived at Ista Hold, and saw some kind of potential in Veda. At the age of twenty, she was no more enthusiastic about dragons than she had been as a child, but she was intrigued by this opportunity to escape. A whole other planet, far from home. What could go wrong?
  • Since being searched, she's been a candidate and apprentice glasscrafter at Discovery. And admittedly, she hasn't made many friends here. But no matter -- it's not the other candidates she has to impress.
 Posted: Aug 28 2015, 01:11 AM

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Welcome to Weyrd Science! When you get the chance, face claim is here, and who's who is here! If you want a custom color code for your dragon or wher, claim one here. Welcome again, and we're excited to see Veda in play!

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