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 Ceyeirnu, apprentice starcrafter
 Posted: Sep 7 2015, 07:03 PM

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this character has minor telekinesis, purchased from the Weyr Store


you wanna fight?
alright let’s take this outside!
the stars are so bright tonight.
the moon looks so nice.
hold my hand.

    » height : 5'6"
    » build : Stocky
    » skin : Light
    » hair colour : Dark Brown
    » hairstyle : Mid-length . Fluffy
    » eyes : Dark Brown

    Ceyeirnu is a lot of dude in a small package. He's what some people would call 'fun-sized', being fairly short for a man, with a stocky build that makes him look sort of like he's been compressed from someone who was initially a bit larger. Despite his stature, he is anything but delicate, with powerful limbs and and a sturdy body padded with a noticeable amount of chub, especially around his belly and hips. He has enough energy to fill a larger person, too, and always seems to have a spring in his step and a glint in his eyes, though the latter feature is one that is admittedly none too obvious to onlookers. It's rare to have a good view of Cey's eyes, making reading his expression challenging at times, and the blame for this particular aspect of his appearance falls squarely on his hair.

    Although he makes sure to keep his dark, fluffy hair clean, his haircut schedule is slightly wilder—much like the poofy mop which tends to spring from his scalp and flop over the upper portion of his face. He keeps his hair somewhat trimmed around the back and sides, but the top is always long and bushy, especially toward the front. Some would consider this a real shame, because Cey has very pretty eyes, gracefully-shaped and so dark they seem almost black. Indeed, the soft and even slightly feminine features of his eyes and cheeks seem at odds with the rest of his body and its no-nonsense construction. That this particular quality is less noticeable when he lets his hair grow out is one of the main reasons why he continues to do so. He'd much rather be remarked upon for the unruliness of his hair than for the prettiness of his face.

    Much of Ceyeirnu's appearance is calculated to affect how he is perceived by others, not just his hair. This habit can be seen in his choice of clothing as well, often consisting of loose trousers that disguise the thickness of his hips and thighs, and sleeveless shirts which show off his shoulders and arms. Though sometimes he trades out his breast band for more severe chest-binding, his favoured pastimes are too activity-intensive to make regular binding a feasible option. Fortunately his breasts aren't terribly large, so he's not forced to choose between his health and his perceived gender in most cases. Overall he dresses for functionality, with personal preference affecting the cut and colour of his clothing when possible. His only overt concession to vanity is the growing collection of rings piercing the rigid cartilage of his ears.
    » disposition : Accommodating
    » demeanour : Unreserved
    » confidence : Self-reliant
    » obstinacy : Persistent
    » integrity : Dependable
    » values : Beauty . Authenticity . Affection
    » traits : Competitive . Outgoing . Flirtatious . Energetic . Anxious

    Ceyeirnu is an outgoing, energetic person with a hard time slowing down. He likes to be busy, keeping his days filled with work on his craft, social calls on friends and acquaintances, errands, hobbies, and whatever else demands his attention. He's one of those people who always has time to help someone out, regardless of whether it means putting personal objectives on the back burner. Sometimes this means he ends up with too much on his plate at once he goes into a panic until the crisis is over, but he can't help it. Quiet doesn't come easily to him—he'd rather skip out on sleep to take care of neglected projects than have nothing to do with his time. He's too prone to overthinking to be fond of quiet contemplation. Idleness inevitably leads to boredom, and when he's bored he makes a habit of agonizing over concerns looming in the future, situations he cannot change, and variables which he has no way of predicting.

    This reluctance to be alone with his thoughts manifests not only in a reckless compulsion to fill his days with more obligations than are strictly healthy, but also in a nearly omni-present desire for companionship. The only time that he can comfortably relax is when he has something safe to occupy his thoughts, and other people fill this role so very well. Though certainly not immune to irritation, Cey usually maintains a carefree attitude with other people, and he flirts outrageously with men and women alike. Virtually everyone he has ever grown to like has experienced confusion over whether his generosity with compliments and with his time is actually indicative of romantic interest, because he acts that way with everyone he's close to, and he never seems interested in sex. His own difficulty in even distinguishing the line between platonic and romantic love doesn't make things any easier, although he is capable of dialing his behaviour back if someone has declared a distinct lack of interest.

    Ceyeirnu makes friends with all sorts of people, usually through one of his several passions and hobbies. Perhaps the most significant of these is the love which led him to his craft—his love for beauty, and his fascination with finding meaning within the physical form. He goes out of his way to look for it in unlikely places, in disused corners of the Weyr and at the site of accidents, in piles of garbage , or scrawled on the walls of a bathroom. He loves things which have meaning to someone, that represent something, or tell a story, just as much as he enjoys the vastness of the sky or the fall of rain on the ocean. What I'm saying is that Ceyeirnu is a big sap, and everyone who knows him is well aware of it. It's uncommon for people to give him a really hard time about it, though, because he also does things like backflipping off of buildings for fun or engaging in controlled physical violence as a form of exercise. He's not aggressive, but Cey has a strong competitive streak, and will eagerly meet anyone's challenge to a sparring match, or to a race through either an urban or natural obstacle course. He might rub your face in it a little bit if he wins, but only if he thinks you're on equal footing—there's no decency in celebrating victory over someone you clearly outmatch, and everyone used to be a novice at some point.
    » mother : Ceydin . +27
    » father : K'ran . +24
    » uncle : Dirannu . +32

    2894. One hot, rainy spring at Ista Weyr, nine months after a short but passionate fling with a yellowrider, a washerwoman named Ceydin gave birth to her first child, a baby girl she called Ceyeirna. Perhaps what they say about yellow dragons and those who ride them is true and ill luck does surround them, for the birth was long and difficult, and it left her much diminished. Though both mother and child survived, Ceydin's health was shattered. She struggled to raise her child while continuing her work, but found that it was too much for her to do both. Ceydin moved to the creche to care for her child full-time.

    2896. Two turns after the birth of her child, Ceydin fell seriously ill. Her brother Dirannu traveled from Nerat Hold to be by her side while she grew steadily weaker. A few torturous sevendays after he reached the Weyr, Ceydin passed on, begging her brother to look after Ceyeirna in her stead. He made the decision to retire from soldiering and earn a living at the Weyr in order to fulfill his sister's wishes.

    2990. As the turns passed, Cey grew from a shy toddler into an energetic young child. Although Dirannu grew to love his sister's child as his own, he was still hold-bred at heart, and had difficulty bonding with a child whom he could only think of as a little girl. As an ex-soldier and a bachelor, he had no understanding of what he thought of as soft, female pastimes. When his charge asked to be treated like a boy and end his name with '-nu' like his uncle, Dirannu feared that he'd stunted Cey's development with his inexperience. However, the crechemothers at the Weyr assured him that Cey's request was not harmful, and encouraged him to indulge it for as long as Ceyeirnu continued to want him to. Hesitant, but slightly mollified, Dirannu began to raise Cey like a nephew, rather than a niece.

    2902-2906. When Ceyeirnu was eight, he grew further out of his shyness and began getting into tussles with other children. The fights were mostly playful, but some of the other children were much larger than him, and Dirannu worried for his safety. He made a bargain with his nephew, promising to teach Cey how to fight properly to burn off some of his energy on the condition that Ceyeirnu didn't seek out fights with other children anymore. The prospect of learning combat from a real soldier captivated Cey and he readily agreed. Soon he was learning basic stances and safety procedure, and doing a lot of what Dirannu deemed 'strength training', but in practice amounted to Cey running around and doing exercises until he'd finally tired himself out. Dirannu was happy that his nephew wasn't getting into fights anymore, and Cey was just pleased to spend more time with his uncle. Over the turns Dirannu slowly taught him basic martial arts techniques, coupled with regular reminders not to use them to attack unsuspecting people. He learned the combat techniques and the moral lessons with equal attention.

    2906. When Ceyeirnu was twelve, his uncle, eager to secure him a craft which wouldn't send Cey into the claws of the resource war, arranged for him to begin an apprenticeship under a starcrafter who worked at Ista Weyr. Cey already had a habit of wandering off and scaling buildings to watch the sky from the rooftops, so it seemed a good match. The two of them continued to practice Ceyeirnu's combat skills together when they had the time, but Cey took to starcrafting eagerly enough, and Dirannu's concern that he might follow the soldier's path eased.

    2908-2910. Cey was fourteen when puberty finally sank its claws into him. The accompanying skin conditions and hormonal changes were difficult enough for most boys, but for Ceyeirnu this meant an unfortunate upsurge of self-consciousness about his body, which wanted to become increasingly soft and feminine. He became moody and withdrawn, and began escaping into the Weyr's surroundings whenever possible to navigate outlying structures and wildernesses in frantic, fast-paced solitude. He often came back from these outings scraped and bruised from bad landings after jumping off some thing or other. He couldn't avoid socializing all the time, however. Eventually Cey's loneliness won out over his resurgence of shyness, and he reemerged into the social circles of Weyr youths to try his own inexpert hand at dating along with the other awkward teenagers.

    2910-2911. A few turns after Ceyeirnu began his apprenticeship, word began to circulate about an initiative to colonise a new world. Although the possibility of unclaimed resources held no draw for them, Cey's mentor was intrigued by the opportunity to chart new skies. They began to prepare for a move to Landing Weyrhold, where it was said the initiative was to be launched from. Faced with an impending and likely permanent separation, Cey took an evening to be alone with his current girlfriend, and despite his reservations she persuaded him to sleep with her before they parted for good. The interlude sparked no sexual awakening in him, and he ended up regretting it almost immediately. A few days later he was on his way to Landing, and soon enough Cey and his mentor had transferred to the Green Star along with the other settlers.

    2912. When he was eighteen, Ceyeirnu made an interesting discovery which shed some light on the seemingly-excessive levels of energy which had possessed him as a child and led him to pursue physically-demanding hobbies. One day when he had his hands full while clearing a mess, he dropped a fork and instinctively tried to end its fall with his leg. And the fork, although not particularly sticky, clung to him like velcro. After no small amount of bemusement, followed by several hours of screwing around with objects of different sizes and materials, Cey had figured something out. He could make objects that he was touching stick to him, and even skitter their way over his body or jump away as if tossed. His control over this ability was incomplete, and he couldn't seem to move things unless he was touching them, but without a doubt, Ceyeirnu knew that he had some form of psychokinesis. He began to experiment with this skill whenever he could.

    2914. Eight turns after beginning his starcraft apprenticeship, Cey's mentor finally deemed him ready to Walk The Tables and become a journeyman. They put in a request with the Council to have a rider ferry them both back to Landing for the ceremony, and while circumstances have not yet permitted them to make the journey, Ceyeirnu is looking forward to practicing starcraft on the Green Star under his own direction.

 Posted: Sep 9 2015, 11:29 PM

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Welcome to Weyrd Science! When you get the chance, face claim is here, and who's who is here! Welcome again, and we're excited to see Ceyeirnu in play!

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