The Green Star - originally intended as a refuge from Thread, now a refuge from war, as all of Pern battles for the last scraps of ore that can be dragged from the earth. Can the riders of Discovery Weyr build anew? Or does this new world harbor its own dangers?

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 Sandulf, Journeyman Healer
 Posted: Aug 4 2015, 08:54 AM

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Healing with Force
27 | Male | Journeyman Healer

Sandulf is quite short and a teensy bit on the stocky side. He is a small wall of muscle and power, which he uses often in holding down flailing patients, or lifting up those who cannot move on their own. He is careful and thoughtful in all of his movements, downright precise with his hands. Anyone is hard pressed to get around him when he is looking to speak with them! His hair is black, kept very long around his shoulders. He only ties it back out of necessity when he is healing, but refuses to ever have it cut. He has the forming of a beard in the stubble on his face, but tries to keep that as clean shaven as possible the majority of the time, for sanitation's sake. His eyes are black, dark like his hair, and often appear thoughtful or even cross as he tends to stare for long periods of time without blinking. His skin was once pale, but has tanned during his days in the sun, and though he has not darkened too greatly, it is unlikely at best that he will ever be as pale as he was when he was a child.

When it comes to apparel, Sandulf dresses for the tasks at hand. He tends to wear dark leather clothing, black if possible, and has many layers of it. He also often carries several weapons with him, which he has trained in using since he heard of the rumors of Discovery Weyr. His preferred weapon is the bow, long ranged which keeps him out of harm's way most of the time, but he has learned to wield an axe as well as daggers. He has used them only a little since arriving here, as most exploration or scouting parties come with a dragon, but he has always been the type to be prepared for anything.

Sandulf is, at best, a serious person. He takes the problems of those around him and tries to solve them. This started when he was younger, as he was expected to help rear his younger siblings, which he did quite well. The mindset grew as he matured and realized the dire situation that the whole of Pern was in. Now he has taken it upon himself to do everything that he can to save the people of Pern, an impossible task for a single individual, but one that he bears well. He takes his time and is extremely meticulous, which has come from turns of training as a surgeon. He looks for not only the main problem, but every possible problem that could have caused the main problem as well as those that could have come from the problem. If you only fix the first thing you see, there will obviously be other issues that were missed.

Even in his most serious moments, hidden deep beneath the gruff exterior, Sandulf is extremely compassionate and caring. He acts the way he does because he cares too much about those around him, those close to him especially. He has learned to put it upon himself to be in charge of others, and to care for them in every way possible. He loves deeply, and feels far more intensely than he lets on. Friends come relatively easily, even if he does not act overly friendly towards them, and these relationships are treasured by Sandulf and desperately protected. He will throw himself at any dangers that are coming towards his friends, no matter the threat to himself.

Sandulf will be hard pressed to form relationships beyond friendship. His father loves his mother as deeply as any man, and gave into her every whim when it came to creating such a large family. In truth, Sandulf is afraid that he will let anyone he loves down, especially when he is faced with such a choice of giving in to their desires and the truth of what is honestly best for them all. He isn't sure he ever wants a family, solely because the current future is not appropriate for having one, though deep inside he wants to share every love and emotion that his father was blessed with. An adoring wife, a long line of strong, independent children who are doing well enough on their own. There is the bittersweet taste of wanting what you cannot have and knowing that it would no be the best fit that fills Sandulf's mind whenever having a family of his own becomes a possibility, which may make him even more gruff and difficult to deal with.

Mother - Sanderelana "San" | +25
Father - Dulfanz | +30
Brother - D'ulf of Red Emilith (Derdulf) | -2
Brother - R'ulf of Blue Coranth (Reldulf) | -3
Brother - Landulf | -5
Brother - Nadulf | -7
Sister - Dulana | -10

  • 0 - Firstborn son to a pair of healers at the Healer Hall. His father was Master Dulfanz, his mother a journeywoman San. The pair had been married for over five turns, but they had refused to settle down and start having children until their goals were accomplished. San had become a journeyman at the age of twenty-two, while Dulfanz had just received the rank of Master. They remained in the Hall to train future healers, and to actually start their family, which would grow to be massive. (Perhaps there is a reason why Pern is overpopulated, but in the eyes of this family as in many others, they have every right to have children who will do well in society and HELP Pern rather than hinder it. Obviously!)
  • 2 - First brother is born, both children are cared for and coddled. There is already the expectation that they will do well in life, but that they must be taught and trained from an early age. At two, Even Sandulf is not particularly ready to assist in the rearing of his brother, but he is expected to understand the babe's needs at the very least. There is no sibling jealousy to be tolerated in this household.
  • 3 - The next turn, a second brother is born, and for a time a few apprentice healers come into their home to help rear them while learning from his mother. Her focus, after all, is on birth and young children, so her own are a wonderful and valuable asset to training others in how to check on young children and to care for them.
  • 5 - A third brother is born, and now Sandulf is old enough to be expected to help with his younger siblings. He cares for his elder brother while the apprentices take the thirdborn and his mother cares for the infant, showing the apprentices the proper way to hold a baby and how to entice breastfeeding and all the other necessities of infant life.
  • 7 - A fourth brother, fifth child of the Healer pair, is born. For the first time, their mother is showing strains from birthing, and takes considerable time to heal afterward. Dulfanz thinks that they should be finished with having children, but San demands to continue until a daughter is born. After having five sons, there is really only one thing that a mother could want, a daughter.
  • 8 - San has her first miscarriage. The babe, a boy, did not live to term, and she had to live through the task of showing journeyman and apprentices alike how to induce labor for a stillborn child. It took her much longer to recover her strength, emotionally and physically. Sandulf now knew how to best care for each of his brothers, even the youngest, and took care of this work for his mother while aided by apprentices. Dulfanz showered San with love and adoration, while repeating his desire to be finished with having children. San is as defiant as ever, and once again demands a daughter.
  • 10 - Finally, a daughter is born. San takes her time recovering, but spends most hours with the babe. There are no apprentices to be trained now, as her time and devotion are on Dulana, her only daughter. She still loves her sons, and gives them the time that they deserve, but Dulana was born early and is small and requires much more of her mother's time than the rest of her children, the youngest now three turns.
  • 12 - Sandulf officially apprentices to the Healer Hall, though he chooses to learn basic medicine first and knows in his heart he will not take on the toll of pediatrics. He had such a difficult internal struggle when his mother had her miscarriage, that he never wanted to face this again. Of course, he knows that there is the likelihood that he will, but he will lessen his chances by steering clear of that domain of healing.
  • 16 - Sandulf excels in his studies, which is likely helped by the fact that he was born in the Hall and had been taught the basics of healing from a young age. He also had several journeymen who worked under his father who helped him along the way as a child. He decides to train in the emergency fields of Healing, Trauma and Surgery. It is a difficult field, but still far easier to bear than the death of an unborn child in his mind.
  • 20 - He hears rumors of something going on with the riders, that there might be a hope for the overpopulation of Pern. He considers these efforts as invaluable, knowing that many people have taken it upon themselves to have large families, like his own, even given the dire situation that Pern is going through. There are too many people for the planet to sustain, and the Resource War is the first of many in his mind.
  • 22 - His first younger brother Impresses a red dragon at a Weyr. Sandulf is happy for him, but knows that this constancy of dragons rising and breeding will lead to more strain on Pern as a whole. He speaks to D'ulf about the whispers he's heard of the possible shiftings going on, where there may be an escape for the people of Pern. In truth, Sandulf has no idea what these whispers and rumors are about, but doing something, anything, is better than allowing the current way of life to continue. Pern will die out in decades, perhaps centuries if more engineering is to be done. He wants for his family, and their future children, to have some life beyond this misery.
  • 24 - His next brother Impresses a dragon, after having taken up dragonhealing in his domain. While this has occurred, D'ulf meets with Sandulf and tells him what he knows. There are expeditions going to the Green Star, and a Weyr has been started there. It is a dangerous mission, but it may save Pern as a whole in the future. Sandulf decides that he wants to go there and do his part, and convinces his dragonriding brothers to go with him. They seek out information on Discovery Weyr and the Green Star, and put their names in as possible inhabitants of the new and dangerous Weyr.
  • 25 - They were accepted into the expeditions of the Green Star, though most of the footwork had already been completed. Coranth was still too young to go, and would have to wait another turn of Weyrlinghood, but D'ulf and Sandulf made the journey. Sandulf was surprised by the world around him, but quickly set task for surveying the landscapes. The flora and fauna must be inspected thouroughly, especially if they were intending to bring more of Pern's population here in the future. While he did not think too much of the planet as a whole, he knew that this was the best hope for Pern's future. If their populations could be split, then there would be a great possibility of Pern suriviving for centuries. Especially if they could bring over more of the dragons, which were doing the greatest harm to Pern.
  • 26 - R'ulf and his blue joins them on the Green Star, bringing over the rest of their family as well. If there is one thing that the Green Star could use, it's healers. And, in R'ulf's mind, Candidates. While Sandulf does not love the idea of more dragons, R'ulf always felt that they were important, and that doing their duty to dragons was doing their duty to Pern. After all, if two of the siblings had Impressed, it was possible that the rest could. Even Sandulf, in his mind, though he would never speak as much to his eldest brother, knowing it would gain him a sharp tongue lashing on the problems that dragons had brought.
  • 27 - Now the family of healers are working to create a small Healer Hall in order to train new recruits and share findings with those who have already gained ranks in the Healer Craft. Now both of his parents are Masters in their own right, his mother of Pediatrics, his father of Mindhealing, and his younger siblings apprentices and journeyman trying to decide which branch they prefer. D'ulf had gone the path of pharmacology (herbology/medicine), while R'ulf had specifically taken up dragonhealing. Together they were quite rounded in their various scopes of healing, which was exactly what Discovery needs. And the fact that there are now three more youths of Candidate age range was certainly not ignored when the thought of having the whole family move here came up.

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 Posted: Aug 4 2015, 02:33 PM

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Ayyyy, welcome to Weyrd Science! When you get the chance, face claim is here, and who's who is here! Welcome again, and we're excited to see Sandulf in play!

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